Frequently Asked Questions

What are binary options?

Binary options, or digital options as derived from their name, are options that pay out a fixed return depending on whether a certain condition has been fulfilled by the time the option expires. For example, you can speculate for $100 that the price of EUR/USD will be higher than the current last price at the expiry of the trade. If you are correct, you earn up to 85% payout on your initial investment. On the other hand, if at expiration the EUR/USD’s last price is lower than the current last price, you may keep up to 15% of your initial investment amount as insurance.

What is an asset?

You can find your trading history information under the My Trades option within the Account section.

How can I view my account transaction history for credits and charges?

You can find your transaction history under the Balance History tab within the Account section.

How can I view my balance?

You can view your balance in the upper right corner of the trading area, or get a more detailed view by clicking on the Balance History tab within the Account section.

What is the payout for the options traded?

We offer payouts of up to 85% on successful trades (options that expired in-the-money), and anywhere from 0% to 15% rebates for unsuccessful trades (options that expired out-of-the-money).

How long do I wait before I can sell my position?

Expiry times of your options are pre-determined and vary between 60 seconds to a month. You will know the exact time of expiry before you open the position.

What are your Trading Hours?

Forex operates 24 hours a day from Sunday 5:00pm EST to Friday 4:00pm EST and is the world’s most traded market. Each trading day, Forex starts from Sydney and then circulates around the world, passing through Tokyo, London, and New York. During this time, you have the opportunity to trade changes in currency movements.