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OPEC’s alliance in danger due to U.S production

Tuesday was a harsh day for the major global Oil producer as they found out form the last report the U.S keeps drilling in high phase...

UK Consumer spending heading downward – Mark Carney

UK families have kept spending firmly since the referendum, however confront headwinds this year, Bank of Britain representative Check...

Facebook – Zuckerberg’s net worth increased by $5 billion

 2017 started two week ago and  Mark Zuckerberg’s value just went up by $5 billion,this is according to major analysts  the fastest...

Trump’s Speech – End of the week report

Thursday ended up with a positive tone after Donald Trump the elected president gave the traders an optimistic speech. According to other...

Oil prices may change its downward direction for 2017

The U.S. EIA posted a warning on Tuesday that the almost two-year drop of in price of oil due to the U.S. oil production may be over,...

Small Stocks High Profits – Best advice?

"Purchase Penny Stocks" might be the best advice for now, yet it would seem that financial specialists have as of late been seeking after...