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Social Trading ™ is the evolution of the way Binary Option trading is done. Through our platform, traders anywhere in the world can observe the actions of their peers, learn from them and communicate with each other. This platform is a great way for newcomers to quickly learn how to trade and develop their strategies to bring more profits over time.

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Wells Fargo CEO steps down – here’s what could happen

As Wells Fargo&Co. gets set to report its 3rd quarter earnings, investors are expecting weaker numbers as the lender struggles to...

Finance jobs tumbling after Brexit vote

Job vacancies in the financial sector in England have dropped by 10% or more after the Brexit vote over single market and passporting...

Exports in China escalate while oil prices decline

Exports in China - As per many financial experts and analysts, the price of Brent Crude oil is most likely to fall by $50 for each...

Eurozone August inflation rate remains

The Eurozone inflation rate has continued to be weak. Last month, it was very low and has continued to be low in the run up to the...

Japan’s real wages record the highest rise in 6 years

Japan which recently bolstered its economy with a stimulus package is now on the world’s spotlight following the rise in real wages. The...

Federal Reserve close to hitting employment and inflation targets

The Federal Reserve is a few miles away from hitting the set US employment targets and an inflation rate of 2 %. Stanley Fischer who is the...