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Social Trading ™ is the evolution of the way Binary Option trading is done. Through our platform, traders anywhere in the world can observe the actions of their peers, learn from them and communicate with each other. This platform is a great way for newcomers to quickly learn how to trade and develop their strategies to bring more profits over time.

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Federal Reserve close to hitting employment and inflation targets

The Federal Reserve is a few miles away from hitting the set US employment targets and an inflation rate of 2 %. Stanley Fischer who is the...

London’s FTSE 100 index closes at slightly higher price

The London FTSE 100 index had closed at slightly higher prices on Thursday despite uneven day. It was not an easy trading day as investors...

A pair of oil prices gains following release of US economic data

Oil prices on the US market had registered a rise following release of US economic data. The oil prices had for the past months been...

Dollar strengthens while Gold finishes lower than expected

Initial gold performance The Gold futures which have recently seen a lot of gains had today given up their gains to end lower than...

Oil prices remain unchanged after US government reports

Oil prices have shocked the masses following their 1 % rise registered on Tuesday. The oil prices which have been on a long streak of poor...

Chevron set to sell Asian assets worth $5 billion

The Wall Street journal has reported that Chevron intends to sell some of the Asian based assets. Most of the offshore assets of the firm...